Arctic Zero Hint of Mint Review

Arctic Zero Hint of Mint

I have to be straight up, this is easily one of my least anticipated products that I’m trying out to review for this website. All of Arctic Zero’s 150 calorie flavors are EXTREMELY subpar in taste… And that’s being generous. To make matters worse, I’m not really a mint chocolate fan. At least their cool mint flavor had chocolate chips for extra flavor and texture, but the Arctic Zero Hint of Mint just seems to be plain, old mint chocolate ice cream. Joy.

Arctic Zero Hint of Mint Review


Arctic Zero Hint of Mint

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Hint of Mint

Ingredient List

Arctic Zero Hint of Mint

Well on first glance, the Arctic Zero Hint of Mint flavor is sporting a far more chocolatey appearance than I expected. Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought after all. First bite goes and… Meh. Not as bad as I was expecting, but still nothing to really captivate me. To my happiness though, the mint flavor is barely there and the pint tastes way more chocolatey than anything. Despite not really liking mint in general, it’s kind of a nice touch in this flavor because it adds a slight refreshment to the otherwise dull taste of their chocolate base. With normal ice cream, I usually prefer straight chocolate over mint chocolate. Considering this isn’t normal ice cream though and their purely chocolate flavor is pretty weak, the mint flavoring makes this pint more enjoyable in my opinion.

Arctic Zero Hint of MintThe Arctic Zero Hint of Mint flavor totals out to 150 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 12p/28c/0f in addition to 8g fiber. The same exact calories and macros as all of their other creamy pints, and the same exact reason why you would buy this product in the first place.

Meh. Basically my thoughts on the Arctic Zero Hint of Mint flavor and their 150 calorie pints in general. As far as chocolatey flavors go, I guess this was better than their purely chocolate flavor, and maybe on the same level as chocolate peanut butter. Definitely not their best effort, but not their absolute worst either. If I’m going for 150 calories I’d rather opt for the cake batter or poppin’ pomegranate instead.

Arctic Zero Hint of Mint

Typical Arctic Zero.


+150 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+12g protein, 8g fiber for the whole pint



-Compared to real ice cream, terrible taste


Recommended: Only in an extreme caloric deficit

Overall Rating: D



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