Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry Review

Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry

Despite this flavor being one of their first to come out, the Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry flavor marks the very last flavor in the 150 calorie line for me to try out. I’m not sure why I put this one off so long to be honest. To my surprise I ended up enjoying their poppin’ pomegranate flavor the most out of all their 150 calorie pints, so I’d have to assume this one would taste at least somewhat similar being their only other fruity flavor.

Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry Review


Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry

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Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry

My assumptions were somewhat right, but not completely. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as their poppin’ pomegranate flavor, but I did enjoy it more than most of their other 150 calorie pints. Even though the tastes are obviously completely different, I’d probably put this one one the same level as their cake batter flavor as far as pure enjoyability goes, in my opinion at least. I may like strawberry flavored ice cream more than the average person though. And while this wasn’t bad overall, I suppose… It’s still Arctic Zero, which means it wasn’t THAT good.

Arctic Zero Simply StrawberryThe Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry flavor totals out to 150 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 12p/28c/0f in addition to 8g fiber. This fact doesn’t even need to be addressed at this point, but yeah, obviously the extremely low calories is the real highlight of this pint and not the taste.

I’m moderately happy to end my Arctic Zero experience on a moderately good note, as the Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry flavor was far from one their worst 150 calorie flavors. When it comes to all of their flavors in general, including their 300 calorie pints, then it’s nowhere near the top either though. For their take on strawberry ice cream considering it’s Arctic Zero, it’s not terrible though and one of their better creamy flavors for sure. However when it comes down to it, I’m likely to throw up the extra 130 calories and opt for Halo Top’s version instead.

Arctic Zero Simply Strawberry

The lighting makes it look less pink.


+150 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+12g protein, 8g fiber for the whole pint

+One of their better 150 calorie flavors



-Compared to real ice cream, still tastes bad

-Not as good as Halo Top’s strawberry flavor


Recommended: Only in an extreme caloric deficit

Overall Rating: C-



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