Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple Review

Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

The Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple flavor. One of their OG pints. Just because it was there from the start though doesn’t mean that it was one of their best. In fact, considering there are so many other varieties of flavors now, it probably means it’s one of their worst actually considering they had to create so many others because what they had in the beginning wasn’t that great. An interesting theory, so let’s see if it panned out.

Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple Review


Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

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Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

Well, I don’t know whether to be satisfied in the fact that my theory was correct, or upset that because it was correct, it just wasn’t that good. However which way you take it, that’s what happened at least. I mean with such a bland flavor coming from a company that makes such bland ‘ice cream’, I wasn’t expecting much obviously but still you never know for sure until you try it, so I held out some slight hope. But yeah, all for no reason. There is some slight maple flavoring so it’s not purely vanilla, but it’s really not even that good in my opinion and I almost would have preferred just straight up vanilla, or vanilla bean instead.

Arctic Zero Vanilla MapleThe Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple flavor totals out to 150 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 12p/28c/0f in addition to 8g fiber. To no one’s surprise I’m sure, but these are the same exact macros and calories as all of their other creamy pints.

Disappointing. Sometimes a basic flavor such as vanilla can be good for its simplicity, but I wasn’t a fan of the maple component in this pint that kind of threw off the whole flavor for me, which wasn’t that great to begin with. This is saying a lot considering most of their 150 calorie flavors aren’t that great, but the Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple flavor may in fact be my least favorite out of ALL their flavors… And they have a lot. I don’t know… It’s hard to pick an absolute worst, but this is definitely bottom three I would say. Even for the low calories, I can’t even recommend this just because their other flavors are better.

Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

Classic vanilla looking ice cream, but without the classic taste.


+150 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+12g protein, 8g fiber for the whole pint



-Compared to real ice cream, tastes terrible

-One of the worst Arctic Zero flavors which is saying a lot


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: D



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