B Jammin’ Apple Pie Ala Mode Review

B Jammin' Apple Pie

This appears to be a newer line of protein bars from YUP in addition to their B-Up bars. They have to have more flavors I imagine, as I only came across this one flavor when I saw it in stores… And that one flavor is the B Jammin’ Apple Pie Ala Mode. Whew… What a mouthful to say. I hope it provides the same mouthful of flavor as well (no sexual undertones).

B Jammin’ Apple Pie Ala Mode Review


B Jammin' Apple Pie

Macronutrient Profile

B Jammin' Apple Pie

Ingredient List

B Jammin' Apple Pie

When opening this up from the wrapper, I’m already thinking this looks to be a unique experience. The exterior isn’t much to look at, but the inside contains a fruit filling that goes throughout the center of the entire bar; I’m assuming this is the apple pie filling. The ingredient list tells me that in addition to apple flavors in the filling it also contains pear, pineapple and peach as well. This seems to be quite the hybrid of flavors so my curiosity is definitely peaked. The outer coating ended up being a little firmer than I thought it would be, but the flavor wasn’t too bad if not a little on the plain side. The filling on the inside though, was pretty delicious. It wasn’t anything mind blowing, but it was certainly enjoyable and a texture you don’t taste too often, if ever, in a protein bar. The filling kind of reminded me of a Fig Newton if I’m trying to compare it to something, as far as texture goes. I could taste the blend of each specific fruity flavor coming together to create the cohesive combination, and it made for a pretty tasty experience.

B Jammin' Apple Pie

Size Comparison

The B Jammin’ Apple Pie Ala Mode flavor totals out to 150 calories consisting of the macros 12p/29c/2f in addition to 13g fiber. Wow, these are damn near ideal macros for a high carb/low fat diet and really surprised me. I mean only 2g fat?? Holy ****! You NEVER see fat that low in a ‘protein’ bar. I put the protein in quotations because this bar only contains 12g protein, which is extremely low in comparison to most other protein bars considering they usually contain 20g+, so by definition this is barely even classified as a protein bar in my opinion. It’s more of a general nutrition bar, which is still pretty solid with the high fiber and low fat content.

B Jammin' Apple PieI think YUP has a winner on their hands with these new bars, at my first experience with the B Jammin’ Apple Pie Ala Mode flavor leads me to believe that these will be the superior products compared to their B-Up bars, assuming there are more flavors that is. The macros are a little worse as the protein content is quite a bit lower, however the taste is much better and the filling provides a different experience compared to most other bars, where as B-Up bars are basically just worse versions of Quest bars. After enjoying this first flavor so much, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for any other B Jammin’ flavors in the future.

B Jammin' Apple Pie

This looks almost exactly like a Fig Newton in this picture.


+Only 2g fat!

+13g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Apple/fruit pie filling is flavorful and unique



-Only 12g protein, barely even considered a protein bar

-29g carbs is getting up there, especially compared to protein content


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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