B Jammin’ PB&J Review

B Jammin' PB&J

Aha! There are indeed more flavors in this line. Last time I went to the store I only saw the apple pie a la mode flavor, but this time I happened to come across the B Jammin’ PB&J flavor as well. YUP already has a PB&J flavor in their B-Up protein bars which in my opinion is one of the better flavors in that line, so I’m definitely curious to see how this one stacks up, especially with its added filling.

B Jammin’ PB&J Review


B Jammin' PB&J

Macronutrient Profile

B Jammin' PB&J Review

Ingredient List

B Jammin' PB&J Review

It stacks up quite well I’d say. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the other one, but my initial reactions want to tell me I enjoyed this one a bit more than the B-Up PB&J bar. Not by a huge amount, but definitely to some degree. The coating on the outside contains the peanut butter flavor which isn’t bad, and really similar to the base flavor of the B-Up version if I’m remembering correctly. What sets this bar apart though is clearly the jelly filling throughout the center of it, which in my opinion makes this bar hit that classic PB&J feel more than the B-Up bar. The jelly filling isn’t as flavorful or sweet as it could be, but it’s still pretty good and makes for a unique experience that you don’t really find in other protein bars. It’s like a protein bar combined with a Fig Newton in a way.

B Jammin' PB&J

Size Comparison

The B Jammin’ PB&J bar totals out to 180 calories consisting of the macros 12p/26c/6f in addition to to 11g fiber. Well, certainly a lot different in macros in comparison to the apple pie a la mode flavor. While the fat is still low on this flavor relatively speaking, it triples the amount contained in the other one. I’m not sure if it’s really justified considering I don’t think this flavor is THAT much better than the apple pie a la mode, but I do like this one just a tad more.

B Jammin' PB&JIf you’re looking for a peanut butter & jelly flavored Fig Newton that contains some adequate protein, then look no further. This is as close as you’re going to get. It’s hard to technically call this a ‘protein’ bar considering it has a 2:1 carb to protein ratio, so that’s kind of what I like to think of it as. The calories and fat are a bit higher than the apple pie a la mode flavor, but overall I did enjoy this one just a little bit more. In comparison to the B-Up PB&J bar, I also liked this one better as well, although the protein count is definitely lower. However, the fat is quite a bit a lower as well. It really just depends on your preference of taste and what macros you’re going for the in the first place, but regardless this gets a recommendation from me just for being so unique and flavorful enough.

B Jammin' PB&J

Some classic PB&J vibes.


+13g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Jelly filling is flavorful and unique, feels more like a PB&J than the B-Up version



-Only 12g protein, barely even considered a protein bar

-2:1 carb to protein ratio isn’t too ideal


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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