B Up Peanut Butter Review

B Up Peanut Butter

The day has come; the B Up Peanut Butter bar remains the very last flavor for me to try out from YUP. Their B Up bars have been pretty decent overall, but not the best. While they are comparable to the top brands out there in regards to macros and caloric/fiber content, they’re definitely not in the same league as far as taste goes with Quest/Combat Crunch/One etc. They’re more enjoyable than most other brands though considering how many are out there, and their extremely soft texture does call to me occasionally.

B Up Peanut Butter Review


B Up Peanut Butter

Macronutrient Profile

B Up Peanut Butter

Ingredient List

B Up Peanut Butter

The first thing I noticed was this bar seems quite a bit firmer compared to most of their other flavors, but maybe it was just the specific one that I got. Some of their other flavors though, like the sugar cookie and cookie dough for example, are SO soft that they don’t even retain form if you were to hold it straight out, as they would instantly fall and collapse within seconds. It doesn’t affect the flavor at all and makes for an enjoyable chewing experience, but it is pretty annoying to just deal with outside of that. Luckily this flavor doesn’t seem to have that problem, however. It’s not like it feels like a brick or anything, but it just has more of a solid consistency to it. Now, the actual taste though.. It was okay, but nothing amazing. I’ve had better peanut butter bars and better flavors from B Up in general. The peanut butter flavor isn’t as strong or as accurate as it could be, but it wasn’t bad or fake tasting either. There are some slight peanut butter chunks mixed throughout the bar as mix-ins, but they’re pretty scarce and don’t add as much flavor as I was hoping they would.

B Up Peanut Butter

Size Comparison

The B Up Peanut Butter flavor totals out to 220 calories consisting of the macros 20p/23c/11f in addition to 18g fiber. Yeah, not one of the more macro friendly B Up flavors. In fact, I think this one has the highest amount of calories and fat content compared to all of their other bars unfortunately. I don’t really think it’s justified in this case, as B Up has two more peanut butter based flavors for lower calories/fat that in my opinion are even better.

B Up Peanut ButterAll in all, the B Up Peanut Butter bar was kind of a boring flavor that didn’t do anything real exciting, but it didn’t necessarily do anything bad either. Pretty middle of the road as far as peanut butter protein bars go, and fairly average for B Up standards as well. For a pure peanut butter based protein bar, the One Peanut Butter Pie bar is superior in EVERY possible way. For a similar tasting peanut butter bar from B Up, I think their vanilla peanut butter and PB&J flavors are better as well. They have dual layers and more components overall that really elevate the experience. It’s hard to recommend this one really when those options exist.

B Up Peanut Butter

Like I said, not a whole lot of components going on here.


+18g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Doesn’t lose shape like some B Up flavors



-Highest calories/fat for a B Up bar

-Better B Up flavors and peanut butter protein bars in general out there


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: B



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