Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB Cookie Review

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

My first experience with these Buff Bake cookies came with their frosted oatmeal raisin flavor. Honestly, it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. While the macros were better than Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies, I didn’t think the texture or overall flavor was nearly as good. It was a lot more airy and hollow in comparison, certainly lacking a bit of density. Normally that would make me reluctant to try out their other cookies, but the macros on this flavor are FAR different than their frosted oatmeal raisin flavor, they’re so different in fact that I’m expecting a completely different experience. The fat is more than double in the Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie in comparison, so I’m really hoping this means that this one will provide WAY more density and flavor.

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB Cookie Review


Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

Macronutrient Profile

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

Ingredient List

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

YES! I’m so happy to report that my hypothesis was correct as this cookie was absolutely excellent and a HUGE improvement over their frosted oatmeal raisin flavor! The hollowness that plagued that cookie is completely absent in this one, as I thought this cookie provided legitimate density and immense flavor to boot. Maybe I’m just being biased due to the freshness, but this tasted like a real life cookie if I’m being completely honest. If you told me this didn’t actually have any protein in it I would believe you. The peanut butter base flavor of the cookie wasn’t as peanut buttery as I felt it could have been, but the flavor it did provide was still powerful and incredibly awesome. The texture of the cookie is very, very soft; almost too soft as some of it started to crumble off as I was holding it. Once you bite into it though… Oh man. That incredibly soft texture really elevates the experience in my opinion as the softness allows you to focus on the individual flavors more and makes it resembles that fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie feel, just minus the warmness of course. Even with how amazing the texture is, the best part about this whole cookie though and the real highlights are the chocolate chips; they are HUGE and jam packed with intense, chocolatey flavor. Not to mention they don’t skimp out on these and provide you with a LOT.

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

Size Comparison

The Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie totals out to 360 calories for the whole cookie consisting of the macros 16p/34c/22f in addition to 2g fiber. These are pretty interesting macros overall… The total calories are about the same or maybe just a tad lower than most Lenny & Larry’s flavors, but the fat is a lot higher with the carbs being lower in result. It just depends on what macros you’re going for really as this cookie can easily compete with Lenny & Larry’s best cookies, so it’s nice to have that option. These macros are a lot worse compared to Buff Bake’s frosted oatmeal raisin cookie though, which contains a little less than half the fat. It also contains about half the flavor as well, so I’d rather do the macro Tetris and make this flavor fit instead.

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookieLord… With the delicious base flavor of the cookie, the super soft consistency and the abundance of massive, flavorful chocolate chips… We have one amazing product on our hands here folks with the Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie. The macros aren’t the most friendly if you’re watching your fat, but the carbs are lower in result so it’s not all bad. And hey, this is just as flavorful as a normal cookie anyway except that it contains 16g protein. I can gladly accept the higher fat content knowing that I’m still getting less fat than a real life cookie but still getting just as much flavor, AND substantial protein in the process. With that logic in mind, this cookie gets an absolute¬†100% recommendation from me. No question.

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip PB cookie

Dense texture + Those AMAZING chocolate chips = Complete win.


+Packed full of flavor, from the cookie itself to the huge, abundant chocolate chips

+Insanely soft texture makes for an awesome experience

+16g protein for the whole cookie

+Whey protein isolate



-Way higher fat than their frosted oatmeal raisin cookie, high fat in general

-Could use some more fiber


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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