Chocolate PB Fit Review

Chocolate PB Fit

Up until now, I’ve only seen the original flavor of PB Fit. They sell it in bulk size at Costco/Sam’s Club so it’s an awesome deal, but I’ve never seen a chocolate version there. I randomly came across this though when I was browsing another store recently, but unfortunately it was in a way smaller size of course… Oh well. For all powdered peanut butter products, I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed the chocolate version over the original. There hasn’t been an exception yet. I’m expecting the same with Chocolate PB Fit.

Chocolate PB Fit Review


Chocolate PB Fit

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Chocolate PB Fit

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Chocolate PB Fit

My expectations were right as I did indeed enjoy this flavor over the original PB Fit, and by about the same degree that I enjoyed other company’s chocolate versions over their original. Like the original flavor of PB Fit as well, I think this one maybe had a SLIGHTLY stronger peanut aroma when held close, and it sort of reflected in the taste too. Maybe I’m just letting the stronger scent fool me into thinking that though. Regardless, this was a pretty excellent product that gave off hints of real peanuts with that much needed chocolatey element, which in my opinion elevates the overall flavor of the spread.

Chocolate PB FitChocolate PB Fit totals out to 50 calories per 2 TBSP consisting of the macros 4p/6c/1.5f in addition to 4g fiber. Wait… Did I really just see 4g fiber? Damn, that easily has to be the most fiber per serving I’ve ever seen on one of these products. Pretty cool. Besides that though, this flavor does contain 1g less protein along with 5 more calories than most other brands/flavors, so it’s not as perfect as it could be.

No surprises at all with Chocolate PB Fit, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve had chocolate PB2 before, you know exactly what you’re getting taste wise with this. Like previously mentioned this one may have a stronger peanut aroma/flavor in comparison, but it could just be in my head and even still, it’s not nearly distinguishable enough to affect the overall experience really. If you’re wanting to go for a chocolate powdered peanut butter product, once again I would say just choose whichever one is cheaper or is readily available at the store you’re at. There may be some VERY slight differences between these, but neither offers a distinct advantage to always warrant a purchase over the other.

Chocolate PB Fit

Peanut butter with a chocolate twist.


+Only ΒΌ the calories of real peanut butter

+4g protein, 4g fiber per serving

+Perhaps the strongest peanut taste/scent out of all powdered peanut butter brands I’ve tried

+Great versatility with its uses



-Have to mix yourself

-5 more calories and 1g less protein per serving compared to most of the competition

-Even though it’s comparable, still not as good as real PB


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A



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