Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint Review

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

The last of Cellucor’s four protein bar flavors for me to try is perhaps my least anticipated. If you’ve read some of my other reviews on this website, you may recall the fact that I’m not too big on mint chocolate in general. So yeah, I wasn’t as excited to try out the Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint bar in comparison to their other flavors. However, all of their other bars have been REALLY tasty though, so I still expected this one to be pretty solid despite me not being too crazy about mint chocolate in the first place.

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint Review


Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

Macronutrient Profile

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

Ingredient List

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

Unlike the other Cor-Sport bars, this one isn’t much to look at on the exterior. It’s about as plain as plain gets; just a boring looking bar with no swirls or mix-ins sticking out whatsoever. Not a good first impression. Dull appearance aside, my assumptions were correct about the actual taste. While I didn’t enjoy the Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint bar as much as their other flavors, I did think it was a great effort at a chocolate mint protein bar and one of the better offerings of the flavor out there. First of all, it’s SUPER soft in texture and very enjoyable to chew through as it just falls apart in your mouth. The chocolate mint flavor is pretty good, but it’s maybe a bit too minty for my tastes. I would have preferred the chocolate flavor to play a stronger role than the mint, but I know that not everyone prefers the same. I do feel this bar could have benefited from some type of mix-ins or chunks though, because that’s exactly what makes the Quest chocolate mint flavor SO good. The insanely soft texture is very pleasant and has a great chewiness to it, but it could have been really elevated by a firm crunch/crisp from some chocolate chips or something similar.

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

Size Comparison

The Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint bar totals out to 230 calories consisting of the macros 20p/26c/8f in addition to 10g fiber. These macros aren’t quite as good as their cookie dough flavor, but they’re about equal with the chocolate peanut butter and better than the cinnamon roll. Overall they’re fairly comparable to the caloric content/macros of Quest/Combat Crunch/One bar as well, just a tad bit more dense.

Cor-Sport Chocolate MintIf you’re a fan of minty flavors, then you’ll probably really enjoy the Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint bar. The texture is VERY soft and smooth; it really is enjoyable to chew through. It does kind of get boring after awhile since it’s the same flavor throughout with no real mix-ins or anything, but luckily the soft texture is so legit that you barely even miss that aspect. If we’re comparing chocolate mint flavors directly, I don’t think this was as good as Quest’s version if I’m being honest (I’ve yet to try the One chocolate mint flavor as well but I’ve heard good things). The chocolate chunks in that bare are the real game changer and what make that one the GOAT chocolate mint flavor, even if the texture isn’t as good as this one. Also, I felt the Quest version was a bit more on the chocolatey side which is a good thing to me, compared to Cor-Sport’s which was more on the minty side. Definitely just depends on your preference though, so I’d try it out yourself to see how you feel.

Cor-Sport Chocolate Mint

No mix-ins, but the texture is SO soft.


+VERY soft and enjoyable texture

+10g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Could use some chunks or mix-ins

-Better chocolate mint protein bars out there

-My least favorite Cor-Sport flavor


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+


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