Enlightened Garlic & Onion Crisps Review

Enlightened Garlic

Even though Enlightened is more recognized for their ice cream, their crisps have been solid little savory snacks as well. The macros aren’t nearly as good as Quest’s protein chips if we’re comparing savory protein snacks, but these do have far better texture. I’ve enjoyed their sriracha and mesquite BBQ flavors quite a lot, so I had similar hopes with the Enlightened Garlic & Onion Crisps.

Enlightened Garlic & Onion Crisps Review


Enlightened Garlic

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Enlightened Garlic

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Enlightened Garlic

I’m a BIG fan of garlic, and even though I don’t really like actual onions, oddly enough I enjoy onion seasoning for some reason. Probably not as much as garlic, but I do really like the combination of the two. I was hoping the garlic would be the stronger of the two flavors in these crisps, but unfortunately that was not the case. It was somewhat equal, but I would say it was probably around 60/40% in onion’s favor. It was still really enjoyable though, however I felt the overall intensity of the flavoring could have been increased a bit. Kind of like their sriracha flavor, the seasoning itself is great, I just wish there was more of it. While the texture isn’t exactly what I would describe as crispy, it does have good density and substance with each piece.

The Enlightened Garlic & Onion crisps total out to 100 calories per serving consisting of the macros 7p/15c/2.5f in addition to 3g fiber. The macros on these are the exact same as their other flavors so that’s always nice to see for convenience and consistency’s sake. What’s not too convenient though is that the servings are listed by weight, causing you to get out your scale if you actually want to measure each serving. It is a hassle, however it does assure that you are as accurate as can be in doing so.

Once again, Enlightened delivered another tasty, nutritious snack. The macros aren’t anything too crazy as there’s more carbs than protein, but still it’s a hell of a lot better than snacking on your typical savory snacks like chips, nuts, etc. If I’m being completely honest though, I don’t think I enjoyed this flavor as much as their sriracha or mesquite BBQ flavors. I really enjoyed those two so that’s not to say this one was bad by any means, it was just perhaps the weakest of the three in my opinion, but by a very small margin. It is a nice switch up if you’re in the mood for that classic garlic/onion combination, so it still gets a recommendation from me.

Enlightened Garlic

Tasty little crisps.


+Great taste, great texture

+7g protein, 3g fiber per serving



-Serving sizes come in weight which makes measuring tedious (but accurate)


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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