Enlightened Sea Salt Crisps Review

Enlightened Sea Salt crisps

Since I’ve tried most of their more unique offerings, I figured I might as well see what their original, or ‘basic’, flavor is all about. I say basic because sea salt is usually just your standard potato chip flavoring. I’m a fan of it though, and the texture on these crisps have been enjoyable so I think these Enlightened Sea Salt crisps have the potential to be pretty solid.

Enlightened Sea Salt Crisps Review


Enlightened Sea Salt crisps

Macronutrient Profile

Enlightened Sea Salt crisps

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Enlightened Sea Salt crisps

These basically tasted exactly how I expected them to, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. The crunchy/firm texture was the same as all of their flavors so no surprises there. The sea salt flavor wasn’t overly intense, but then again it can only be so strong being sea salt. It was pretty good though. While I would prefer the other flavors if I’m just eating these straight out of the bag, these are more versatile if you want to add them into other foods for added crunch/texture.

The Enlightened Sea Salt crisps total out to 100 calories per serving consisting of the macros 7p/15c/2.5f in addition to 3g fiber. Once again these have the same exact macros and caloric content as their other flavors, so that makes rotating between flavors super convenient to not have to worry about a change in macros/calories. Like their other flavors as well though, the serving sizes are listed in weight so you have to manually weigh out each serving yourself.

Being that this is the fourth flavor that I’ve tried now, I fully knew what to expect when trying the Enlightened Sea Salt crisps out. While the macros aren’t anything incredible on these, they do provide great texture/intensity and a convenient way to get in some extra protein/fiber. They’re certainly more macro friendly than just eating on some regular chips or nuts at least. I would recommend the other flavors more if you’re eating them plain, but these make the most versatile mix-ins with other foods. Really just depends on your preference in general.

Enlightened Sea Salt crisps

If you’ve seen their other flavors, these look no different.


+Great texture/density

+7g protein, 3g fiber per serving



-Serving size comes in weight which makes measuring tedious (but accurate)

-Macros aren’t anything amazing


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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