Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream Review

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

I finally was able to try out Robert Irvine’s highly praised Fit Crunch bars after finding out that they did offer a smaller size compared to their normal sized bars. The only thing that held me back from trying them in the past was their unfortunately high caloric content and average macros, with the smaller size though containing near half the calories, this is definitely more manageable. I thought the peanut butter flavor was AWESOME and lived up to the hype, so I’m very excited to see how the Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream bar stacks up in comparison.

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream Review


Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

Macronutrient Profile

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

Ingredient List

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

Like the peanut butter flavor, the Fit Crunch cookies and cream bar has a pretty aesthetic appearance. The white, creamy swirls help it stand out a bit on the exterior. It’s nothing compared to its internal aesthetics though, which features multiple layers of cream, chocolate and crispy cookie pieces. As if the pictures and description don’t make it obvious enough, the overall experience is IMPECCABLE. Truly a magnificent combination of flavors and textures; the crunchy chocolate on the outside, the soft cream and chocolate batter on the inside, and the crispy cookie pieces all come together in unison to create one impressive package.

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

Size Comparison

The Fit Crunch cookies and cream bar totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 16p/14c/8f in addition to 1g fiber. As stated in the intro, this one is actually a smaller size than normal, so their regular sized bar is near double the caloric content. It’s definitely a calorically dense protein bar, but the outstanding flavor makes up for it.

Fit Crunch Cookies and CreamI gotta say, these Fit Crunch bars are really living up to the hype and Robert Irvine is finally showing me why these bars are as popular as they are. The Fit Crunch cookies and cream flavor was a sensation of textures and flavors that ended up being pretty magical. The actual cookies and cream flavor itself is excellent, but this bar really shines due to its variety of textures in crunch, softness, and crisp. The overall nutritional profile is sacrificed a bit for extra flavor so these aren’t an exact replacement for Quest/Combat Crunch/One bars and etc., but as far pure taste goes alone, this is easily one of the very best tasting protein bars in the game.

Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream

Just LOOK at those layers of flavor.


+Probably the best tasting cookies and cream flavored protein bar out there

+Whey protein isolate



-Only 1g fiber

-Uses some soy protein

-High in calories/fat, not the best nutritional profile


Recommended: Yes (taste alone)

Overall Rating: A+



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