Fit Elite Birthday Cake Review

Fit Elite Birthday Cake

Definitely not too excited to try out the Fit Elite Birthday Cake bar after previously trying out the cookies & cream/cookie dough flavors… Those bars left a bad taste in my mouth, literally and metaphorically. I expected FAR more from Robert Irvine, being such an accomplished chef and all with like 17 shows on the Food Network. Especially considering how tasty his Fit Crunch bars are, the Fit Elite bars were even more of a letdown. The macros and nutritional profile are indeed excellent and way better than Fit Crunch, but that doesn’t mean ALL of the flavor has to be sacrificed.

Fit Elite Birthday Cake Review


Fit Elite Birthday Cake

Macronutrient Profile

Fit Elite Birthday Cake

Ingredient List

Fit Elite Birthday Cake

Luckily, the Fit Elite Birthday Cake flavor ended up being Robert Irvine’s best effort in the Fit Elite line and by far the best tasting flavor. That’t not to say the taste was anything mind blowing though, as comparing it to the garbage that is their other flavors isn’t really saying much. It was a fairly enjoyable bar though with a decent enough birthday cake flavor. It’s not nearly as strong or flavorful as the birthday cake flavor in the Oh Yeah! One Birthday Cake bar, but that’s like comparing a a mere mortal to a godly presence; they’re just not in the same league. However I do taste the resemblance to birthday cake, it’s just toned down and not too intense. The texture of the bar is okay, it’s pretty soft and has some similarities to Quest in a way. It doesn’t hold form as much as Quest though, and is kind of boring to chew through since there’s no real texture. There are some very tiny, microscopic sprinkles on top of the bar as well, but they do absolutely nothing to the overall taste and don’t even provide any type of crunch since they’re so small.

Fit Elite Birthday Cake

Size Comparison

The Fit Elite Birthday Cake flavor totals out to 180 calories consisting of the macros 20p/24c/5f in addition to 14g fiber. The caloric content and overall macros are definitely the two best things about this flavor, and the Fit Elite bars in general. They’re pretty amazing and some of the very best in the game, easily. If you’re going purely for taste though, then Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch bars are definitely the superior product.

Fit Elite Birthday CakeI’m glad I chose the Fit Elite Birthday Cake bar as the last flavor me to try out in this line, as there was no doubt that I enjoyed this one the most. My final impressions of Robert Irvine’s Fit Elite bars won’t be entirely negative, since he managed to make this one okay while keeping the same, awesome macros. As far as birthday cake flavors go though, then you can still do better elsewhere. The Oh Yeah! One birthday cake bar is hands down the best birthday cake flavored protein bar on the market, no contest. The taste is simply incomparable. The overall calories are a bit higher on that one though, so if you’re looking to save the extra 40 calories for an additional rice cake later, then this isn’t a bad product to satisfy some type of birthday cake craving.

Fit Elite Birthday Cake

This actually makes it look better than it is.


+5g fat is low for a protein bar, great macros in general

+14g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Texture could be better

-Not as good as the One Birthday Cake bar, or Robert Irvine’s superior tasting Fit Crunch line


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B-



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