Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter

The last of FlapJacked muffins for me to try comes with their Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor. For whatever reason I couldn’t find this specific flavor in stores, but the company was nice enough to send me some to try. Thanks a bunch FlapJacked! Super nice of you. Their double chocolate and peanut butter flavors have been my top two favorite flavors so far, so needless to say… The hype was REAL for this flavor. I had very high expectations and was expecting nothing short of greatness.

Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter Review


Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter

Macronutrient Profile

Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter

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Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter

Greatness is exactly what I received. The Mighty Muffin chocolate peanut butter flavor was a godsend from the macros deities. The individual flavors were nailed to perfection; the muffin itself was chocolatey like the double chocolate flavor plus it had both peanut butter chips and chocolate chips as mix-ins. Since the flavor of the actual muffin is already chocolate, FlapJacked thought rationally and made the ratio of peanut butter chips to chocolate chips way stronger on the peanut butter side as to not overload us with too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter. I find the peanut butter chips to be more flavorful than the chocolate chips anyway so I am definitely okay with this. If the pictures don’t give you a good enough idea, they really don’t skimp out on the number of mix-ins either as this thing was PACKED with chips.

Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut ButterThe one flaw about this muffin; the macros. The Mighty Muffin chocolate peanut butter flavor totals out to 240 calories consisting of the macros 20p/22c/8f in addition to 5g fiber. These are still pretty solid macros and a good nutritional profile relatively speaking, but in comparison to all the other Mighty Muffin flavors, unfortunately this flavor has the highest overall calories and highest fat content. Considering it’s made up of the peanut butter and double chocolate flavors which are the other two most dense flavors, this fact should come as no surprise. Based on how incredible it tastes as well, the higher calories don’t even bother me really.

Although it was unintentional, I think I did indeed save the best for last when it comes to these muffins. The Mighty Muffin chocolate peanut butter flavor was absolutely DELICIOUS and tasted like a legitimate chocolate peanut butter muffin. If you undercook this a bit to where it’s a little doughy at the bottom with some of the peanut butter/chocolate chips melted and mixed in… Good lord. Words can’t even describe that euphoric sensation. I think it goes without saying, but yeah, I definitely recommend this. FlapJacked makes some incredible products and since all of their Mighty Muffin flavors are SO good, I can’t say this is the only flavor I’ll ever buy again in the future, but it will probably be the one I buy most frequently whenever I do come across it.

Mighty Muffin Chocolate Peanut Butter

Is it acceptable to say heavenly and orgasmic in the same sentence? Because that’s exactly what this is.


+EXQUISITE chocolate, peanut buttery flavor that tastes like a real muffin

+20g protein, 5g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Easy to eat quickly


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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