No Cow Mint Cocao Chip Review

No Cow Mint

The No Cow Mint Cocao Chip bar is the very last flavor for me to try in this line of unique protein bars. I mean there are only four flavors in total, but still, the statement holds true. I’ve relatively enjoyed their other flavors, although I have acknowledged they’re not for everyone as the texture (well and taste) is definitely different than most other protein bars out there, being completely dairy free. I do like them to a certain degree though despite not being lactose intolerant in any shape or form, so they can still be enjoyed by everyone.

No Cow Mint Cocao Chip Review


No Cow Mint

Macronutrient Profile

No Cow Mint

Ingredient List

No Cow Mint

This flavor is clearly the darkest in appearance in comparison to all of their other flavors which leads me to believe it’s more on the chocolatey side rather than minty; a good thing in my eyes. Upon first bite though, I came to find that my prediction didn’t end up holding entirely true but it still had a nice burst of chocolate flavor to it. The mint flavor was balanced out with the chocolate well and fairly equal overall I would say. If you’re a big mint chocolate person, you’ll probably really enjoy this flavor compared to their other ones but considering I’m kind of ‘whatever’ on mint chocolate in the first place, it was nothing spectacular to me. It has the same gritty-like texture that their other flavors have as well naturally, I don’t mind it and find it sort of enjoyable but I could see how some wouldn’t.

No Cow Mint

Size Comparison

The No Cow Mint Cocao Chip flavor totals out to 160 calories consisting of the macros 20p/27c/5f in addition to 19g fiber. Similar to their other flavors, the macros and nutritional content on this bar are pretty damn incredible. The fat to fiber ratio is ridiculous.

No Cow MintNot a bad offering at all. If you’re a big fan of mint chocolate, then you’ll probably enjoy the No Cow Mint Cocao Chip bar pending on your feelings about its texture. Besides taste though, the nutritional profile and macros on this bar are at the top of the protein bar game for sure. I don’t really care about the no dairy aspect but I’m sure some do, and regardless the low fat/caloric content with the high protein/fiber make this bar ideal in your standard high carb/low fat diet. The texture is slightly gritty though which may or may not be your thing, so I’d say it’s just one of those things you’ll have to try for yourself to see if you like it.

No Cow Mint

Very similar on the inside to their other bars.


+19g fiber

+Super low calories and fat, awesome macros all around

+Dairy free (if that matters to you)



-Gritty/dry texture may not be for everyone

-Better tasting mint chocolate bars out there


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B-



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