Oatmega Brownie Crisp Review

Oatmega Brownie Crisp

I’ve seen these Oatmega bars in numerous health sections of various grocery stores before, never pulled the trigger until now though. The macros aren’t anything ridiculous, but it does contain some fiber as well as grass-fed whey so nutritionally speaking it still seemed like an excellent product. I decided to give the Oatmega Brownie Crisp a try to see if the flavor could match the quality of its nutrition.

Oatmega Brownie Crisp Review


Oatmega Brownie Crisp

Macronutrient Profile

Oatmega Brownie Crisp

Ingredient List

Oatmega Brownie Crisp

Wow, I gotta say I’m impressed. The Oatmega Brownie Crisp bar tasted a little better than I expected it to considering I don’t hear much talk about them. It tastes exactly like the name implies; a combination of oatmeal/brownie flavors with some crisp here and there. Most brownie protein bars don’t really get the brownie flavor down right, but I thought this one did actually. It’s balanced out by the oatmeal flavoring so it’s not pure brownie and therefore not overly strong, but it’s still a pleasant brownie flavor with a hint of cocoa to it. The texture of the bar is kind of like a granola/cereal bar in a way, it’s pretty soft throughout but does have a nice element of crisp to it.

Oatmega Brownie Crisp

Size Comparison

The Oatmega Brownie Crisp bar totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 14p/21c/7f in addition to 7g fiber. This isn’t exactly comparable to the top protein bars like Quest/Combat Crunch/One as far as macros go since the protein is quite a bit lower along with the fiber. I guess there are times where you aren’t looking for as much fiber or protein though, so in those cases this could be a good option.

Oatmega Brownie CrispI didn’t expect to enjoy this flavor as much as I did, but it really was quite good. It may have a bit handicap though considering it doesn’t contain as much protein as most other protein bars, but still on taste alone it was very enjoyable. The brownie/oatmeal made a great hybrid of flavors and I thought the texture found a nice balance between softness/crisp. This can’t be compared to the top protein bars due to lack of protein, but for something hat tastes like a classic breakfast bar just with more protein, it’s a great product.

Oatmega Brownie Crisp

Definitely similar to a typical breakfast bar.


+Grass fed whey

+7g fiber

+Great taste and texture, reminds me of breakfast/granola bar



-Could use some more protein


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+



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