Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp Review

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

After surprisingly enjoying their brownie crisp flavor, I’m pretty eager to try out the Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp bar. It’s not that I expected this brand to be bad, I just don’t hear much talk about them in the protein bar game despite being available at most places. Probably because the macros are a little bit inferior compared to most other protein bars, but not by too much really. Macros aside though, the texture and taste of their last flavor was on point so I’m thinking this one will be similar.

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp Review


Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

Macronutrient Profile

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

Ingredient List

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

Same texture as their brownie crisp flavor which is awesome to see, it definitely reminds me more of a breakfast/granola bar rather than a typical protein bar. However when it comes to taste, I’d say this one tastes even better than that flavor. The chocolate flavor is delicious and is balanced out nicely by an authentic peanut taste. I think the chocolate is the stronger of the two flavors, and it works perfectly in this case.

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

Size Comparison

The Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp flavor totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 14p/21c/7f in addition to 7g fiber. These are the same macros and caloric content as the brownie crisp flavor as well I believe. The macros are a little bit weaker and the protein content is lower compared to the top protein bars out there, but compared to a granola bar which is what this bar resembles more anyway, they’re clearly still great.

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut CrispAfter finishing the Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp bar I have to say, I’m officially a fan of the brand. While the macros aren’t as good as most protein bars out there, their texture is very unique in comparison and offers a different experience. Not to mention the actual taste is pretty solid as well. If you’re more in the mood for something granola-like tasting but still want to fit in some protein, this is a great product to choose. If you’re looking to maximize protein in your protein bar though, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Oatmega Chocolate Peanut Crisp

Very similar in texture to a breakfast/granola bar.


+Resembles a granola/breakfast bar, great taste

+7g fiber

+Grass fed whey



-Could use some more protein


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: A-



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