PB Fit Review

PB Fit Review

I know what you’re thinking with this PB Fit review; just another typical powdered peanut butter product like PB2. I’m here to tell you that you’re…. Well, mainly right I suppose. There’s really not much to separate this specific product from all the other powdered peanut butter products out there. It’s not the EXACT same though, as I did find some very minor, subtle differences between this brand and some of the other ones.

PB Fit Review


PB Fit Review

Macronutrient Profile

PB Fit Review

Ingredient List

PB Fit Review

For those that are unaware, this product (and similar products in general) is a powdered form of peanut butter that you mix yourself that only contains ¼ the calories. PB2, Tru-Nut and some other brands have the exact same products. This was VERY comparable to those brands obviously. If I’m really analyzing on technical terms though, I felt that PB Fit contained perhaps the ‘truest’ peanut butter flavor out all of them and gave me that classic peanut butter aroma more so than any other brand. I don’t think the overall taste was necessarily better than those other brands, but it gave me the strongest scent of legitimate peanuts at least. This was definitely just as good as PB2, if not even a TAD better (really splitting hairs here), but certainly not worse.

PB Fit ReviewPB Fit totals out to 50 calories per 2 TBSP consisting of the macros 5p/4c/2f in addition to 1g fiber. Okay, the stronger peanut vibe makes a little more sense now. While it’s not much at all, this specific product does contain 5 extra calories and .5g extra fat compared to its competition, and slightly lower in carbs in result. I’m guessing the ever so slightly increased fat content is what helps give this product more of that authentic peanut butter smell compared to PB2 and whatnot.

I knew exactly what to expect before writing this PB Fit review, and I got just that. If you’ve had PB2 before, or any other powdered peanut butter product for that matter, then you should know what to expect as well. Kind of like what I said about the other products, I would just go for whatever is cheapest or available to you at the time. This one may have had the stronger peanut taste than the others I’ve tried by the tiniest fraction, but it wasn’t noticeable or different enough to make me want to hunt down this specific one over the others if I’m at a place that doesn’t sell this. I think they sell these in bulk sizes at Costco or Sam’s Club though, so if you can find it there it could be a great way to save some money on these products.

PB Fit Review

That classic peanut butter look.


+Only ¼ the calories of real peanut butter

+5g protein, 1g fiber per serving

+Perhaps the strongest peanut taste/scent out of all powdered peanut butter products I’ve tried

+Great versatility with its uses



-Have to mix yourself

-5 more calories per serving compared to most of the competition (big deal right?)

-Even though it’s comparable, still not as good as real PB


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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