Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you may remember that I’m not too huge on chocolate mint as a flavor. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just not one of my go-to flavors when it comes to protein bars and ice cream. With that being said, I have REALLY enjoyed every other flavor of these little delicious wafer cookies. I don’t expect that to change with this flavor, so let’s dive on into this Power Crunch Chocolate Mint review to find out for sure.

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review


Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

Macronutrient Profile

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

Ingredient List

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

My expectations remained firm in truth, as this was indeed a pretty tasty treat. If you’re big on chocolate mint, then you’ll probably really love this flavor, at least more than I did being that I’m not too crazy about the flavor in the first place. The chocolatey flavor was a bit stronger than the mint so that was definitely a good thing for me, and I assume most people. It could have been a little sweeter, but that’s been my only gripe with all of their other flavors as well. I assume I only think that because I’m used to the sweetness of the classic sugar wafer cookies, which these are very similar to as far as texture goes.

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

Size Comparison

The chocolate mint flavor totals out to 205 calories consisting of the macros 13p/10c/13f in addition to 1g fiber. The macros are very similar to their other flavors, but if we’re being extremely technical and nitpicking, they’re actually perhaps the worst out of all the flavors. There’s only a few flavors that have 205 calories as opposed to 200, but most of those will either have 14g of protein or only 8-9g carbs instead of 10g.

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint ReviewAs my Power Crunch Chocolate Mint review comes to an end, I realize that I am certainly biased when it comes to reviewing this specific flavor. I tend to always review chocolate mint flavors lower on average in comparison to various other flavors, and this one was no exception as it will end up being my lowest rated flavor out of all Power Crunch bars. It was still pretty solid though and the texture is still super enjoyable. If you like chocolate mint, you’ll probably appreciate this one way more than I did. However personal preferences aside, that doesn’t change the fact that this flavor has perhaps the worst macros out of all their flavors.

Power Crunch Chocolate Mint Review

That amazing cookie wafer texture is still as good as ever.


+Good chocolate mint taste if that’s your thing

+Awesome texture reminiscent of classic sugar wafer cookies

+Only 10g carbs

+Hydrolyzed whey and whey protein isolate



-Only 1g fiber

-13g fat but only 13g protein

-My least favorite Power Crunch flavor, but I’m kind of biased

-Worst macros of all Power Crunch bars (nitpicking)


Recommended: Yes (If you’re big on chocolate mint that is, but not over their other flavors)

Overall Rating: B+



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