Power Crunch Cookies & Creme Review

Power Crunch Cookies & Crème

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have some legitimate hype before trying the Power Crunch Cookies & Crème bar. I’ve really loved all of their other flavors so far, and I think this one has the potential to be my favorite yet. I LOVE cookies and cream as a flavor, it’s easily one of my favorites. Please don’t let me down…

Power Crunch Cookies & Creme Review


Power Crunch Cookies

Macronutrient Profile

Power Crunch Cookies

Ingredient List

Power Crunch Cookies

I’m happy to report that it did NOT disappoint. This flavor was every bit as delicious as I thought it was going to be, in fact perhaps even more so. There are still a couple flavors left to try, but so far I’d say this has definitely been my favorite Power Crunch flavor along with their peanut butter crème, but I would even rank this one slightly ahead of it. For the first time with any of their flavors, I felt this bar hit the right amount of sweetness that didn’t leave me wanting any more intensity. This may be a bold statement, but the flavor tastes EXTREMELY similar to those Hershey cookies and cream bars actually, which are absolutely incredible if you’ve ever tried those. The same, awesome sugar wafer cookie texture is still there so when you combine that with the burst of creamy cookie flavor… You have one amazing product.

Power Crunch Cookies

Size Comparison

The Power Crunch Cookies & Crème flavor totals out to 205 calories consisting of the macros 14p/9c/13f in addition to 1g fiber. Pretty similar to their over flavors considering they all range from 8-10c and 12-13f. As you can clearly tell, these macros aren’t very good if you’re on a typical high carb/low fat diet, in fact they’re pretty terrible in that case. If you’re on a low carb diet though, then these are really solid actually.

Power Crunch CookiesHat’s off to the Power Crunch Cookies & Crème flavor. In a line of products that all taste amazingly good, being the best tasting one is no easy feat. I do think this flavor accomplishes that goal though. I felt that this was the sweetest and therefore the strongest/most intense in flavor out of all of them, plus the accuracy of the cookies and cream flavor itself was spot on and nailed to perfection. On taste alone, these are an EASY recommendation, and especially if your macros are more low carb/high fat oriented.

Power Crunch Cookies

The chocolate, cream and texture made one amazing combo.


+Amazing flavor, tastes similar to the Hershey’s cookies and cream bars

+Awesome texture, reminiscent of classic sugar wafer cookies

+Only 9g carbs

+Hydrolyzed whey and whey protein isolate



-Only 1g fiber

-Only 14g protein but 13g fat

-Macros can be bad depending on your situation


Recommended: Yes (depending on your macros)

Overall Rating: A+



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