Power Crunch French Vanilla Creme Review

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

It’s always a good day when I get to try out a new flavor of a product that I have had prior satisfaction with. The Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème flavor looked pretty appetizing as I’ve grown to appreciate vanilla more as a flavor over the years, and the previous flavors that I’ve tried have been delicious.

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème Review


Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

Macronutrient Profile

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

Ingredient List

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

Appetizing it was. I fully knew what to expect going into this flavor, and I got exactly what I thought it would be. The same delightful texture that is reminiscent of classic sugar wafer cookies is still there of course, so these bars are already huge hits for me based on texture alone. The french vanilla crème flavor was really tasty, but like their other flavors, not quite as sweet as I would have liked it to be. The accuracy of it is spot on though.

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

Size Comparison

The Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème flavor totals out to 200 calories consisting of the macros 14p/8c/13f in addition to 1g fiber. Obviously, the macros are very hit or miss depending on your specific ratio. Generally speaking for most people, they’re not going to be the most amazing considering high carb/low fat diets are more common than the opposite. If you’re really watching your carbs though, then these macros are actually excellent.

Power Crunch French Vanilla CrèmeI really do enjoy these Power Crunch bars/wafers/cookies or whatever you want to call them. Whenever I bite into one I always get that nostalgic vibe of eating those sugar wafers that I had ALL the time as a kid. With this flavor being french vanilla, it tastes extremely similar to the classic vanilla sugar wafer which was one of the original three flavors (probably my least favorite one as a kid though compared to the chocolate/pink ones). It’s not as sweet and the vanilla flavor is toned down a tad, but being a nutritious product that’s obviously to be expected. It’s definitely a worthy replacement though if you’re looking for something similar but full of protein.

Power Crunch French Vanilla Crème

Classic vanilla sugar wafer.


+Hydrolyzed whey, whey protein isolate

+Only 8g carbs, ideal for low carb diets

+Awesome taste, very similar to a classic vanilla sugar wafer cookie



-Only 14g protein but 13g fat

-Macros can be bad depending on your situation


Recommended: Yes (depending on your macros)

Overall Rating: A-



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