Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

I’ve been looking forward to writing this Power Crunch Triple Chocolate review ever since I tried their first flavor. My first experience with these bars instantly reminded me of those classic sugar wafer cookies from my youth that came in chocolate/strawberry/vanilla. The vanilla was pretty good, but I was all about that chocolate/strawberry life. I lived for that ****. The french vanilla crème flavor of Power Crunch was pretty similar to the classic vanilla flavor, so that was pretty good… But unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a strawberry flavor of Power Crunch to draw that direct comparison to the strawberry sugar wafer. However, there is clearly a chocolate flavor to spark memories of that legendary chocolate sugar wafer… And that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review


Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Macronutrient Profile

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Ingredient List

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Yes. This was everything I could have ever asked for. Sometimes chocolate is so good on its own, it doesn’t need any other flavoring to accent it. This is one of those cases. Unlike some of the other Power Crunch flavors, I felt that this one hit the right amount of sweetness with its flavoring. The amazing texture reminiscent of sugar wafer cookies is still there, speaking of which… This did indeed taste DAMN close to those classic chocolate sugar wafers. It didn’t taste quite as sugary or sweet as the real deal naturally, but for a cookie that contains more protein than anything, it was definitely close enough and satisfied me fully.

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Size Comparison

The triple chocolate flavors totals out to 205 calories consisting of the macros 13p/10c/13f in addition to 1g fiber. Very similar macros/calories to their other flavors, but if we’re totally nitpicking here, I think this one is tied with the chocolate mint for the worst macros out of all their flavors. Only half their bars have 205 calories in the first place, and most of those will either contain 14g protein or only 8-9g carbs. It’s whatever though, it’s not that big of a variance obviously and it’s a small price to pay for greatness.

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate ReviewMajorly positive vibes all around in this Power Crunch Triple Chocolate review, and all for good reason. Point blank; this **** was divine. Tasted extremely similar to a chocolate sugar wafer cookie, which I’m sure will come as a great thing for most people. This was easily a top 2-3 of Power Crunch for me, but I still don’t think it was good as the cookies & crème flavor if I’m being completely honest. Also, I can’t neglect the elephant in the room any further, and that’s the macros being pretty terrible if you’re on a low fat/high carb diet. However, the protein sources are excellent regardless and if you’re on a low carb diet or just in a case where you need more protein/fat than anything, then this is an AWESOME product to choose.

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate Review

Classic chocolatey sugar wafer DELICIOUSNESS.


+VERY reminiscent of a classic chocolate sugar wafer in both texture/taste

+Only 10g carbs

+Hydrolyzed whey and whey protein isolate



-Only 1g fiber

-13g fat but only 13g protein

-Worst macros of all Power Crunch flavors (nitpicking)


Recommended: Yes (taste alone)

Overall Rating: A



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