Power Pak Butterscotch Pudding Review

Power Pak Butterscotch

MHP has been in the flexible dieting game for nearly a decade with these protein puddings; talk about getting a head start on the scene. I don’t hear much about them though, but that’s probably just due to how long they’ve been out so they’re considered ‘old news’ compared to all the new flexible dieting products that are continuously coming out in this booming industry. While I’ve had their chocolate and vanilla puddings (which were excellent by the way) numerous times, I didn’t come across the Power Pak Butterscotch pudding until just recently. With how much I enjoyed their other flavors, I was eager to try this one out.

Power Pak Butterscotch Pudding Review


Power Pak Butterscotch

Macronutrient Profile

Power Pak Butterscotch

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Power Pak Butterscotch

If you’ve had any of MHP’s puddings before, you know exactly what you’re going to get with this product. The same creamy texture and sweet taste is still there… It’s just butterscotch flavored this time, naturally. It tastes like legitimate pudding to me though, just like the vanilla and chocolate flavors did as well. If someone just came up to me and presented me with this pudding saying to try it, I would be shocked to discover that it mainly consists of protein and not just your typical, unhealthy pudding. No joke, it tastes that close to the real deal.

The Power Pak Butterscotch Pudding totals out to 200 calories for the whole container consisting of the macros 30p/7c/5f with no fiber. That good of macros PLUS that amazing, real pudding-like texture and taste? Nothing short of incredible, really. I think this flavor maybe has ~.5-1g extra fat and 10 extra calories compared to their other ones, but with the butterscotch component I’m not surprised. Plus that’s a negligible and insignificant amount anyway.

Based on my reviews of their other flavors, it should have came as no surprise that I enjoyed the Power Pak Butterscotch pudding as much as I did. This was every bit as good as the chocolate and vanilla puddings I would say, and I really can’t decide which one I liked best. It’s just going to come down to whatever flavor of pudding you prefer in general, as they’re all successfully executed to the same degree and have a similar level of accuracy with their respected flavor.

Power Pak Butterscotch

Delicious, butterscotch pudding. Full of protein.


+30g protein

+Very smooth and creamy texture

+Tastes like real butterscotch pudding



-No fiber

-Uses soy protein isolate, no whey


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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