ProTings Spicy Chili Lime Chips Review

ProTings Spicy Chili Lime

These chips have been the real deal. Their zesty nacho and tangy southern BBQ flavors have been excellent tasting with great density, not to mention the macros are on point. They may not be quite as voluminous or filling as Quest chips, but they definitely have the superior texture. The ProTings Spicy Chili Lime flavor sounded just as delicious as their others so I was eager to see what it was all about.

ProTings Spicy Chili Lime Chips Review


 ProTings Spicy Chili Lime

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 ProTings Spicy Chili Lime

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 ProTings Spicy Chili Lime

No surprises here as ProTings delivered us another incredible offering. The tortilla chip consistency is still there, and I would even say that these are their most flavorful chips yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re my favorite flavor, but I felt that the overall intensity of the seasoning was probably the strongest on this particular flavor. They definitely have a spicy kick to them, a bit a spicier than the zesty nacho chips even. The spiciness is balanced out by the time lime though, which has a pretty bold presence as well. The spicy chili and lime flavors were easily distinguishable and identifiable, and in my opinion the most accurate individual flavors out of all their chips.

 ProTings Spicy Chili LimeThe ProTings Spicy Chili Lime chips total out to 120 calories per serving consisting of the macros 15p/7c/4f in addition to 3g fiber. Again with the no surprises, but these are the same macros as their other flavors as well. A HUGE plus because that gives you the freedom to choose whatever flavor you like best without having to worry about a difference in macros or caloric content, or if you just want to rotate through them like me. One minor flaw though like the other flavors, the servings are measured by the ounce and come with four in a bag. So yes, this means that you must bust out your scale if you want to weigh each serving. It’s inconvenient, but at the same time it does allow you to be as accurate as possible.

Another absolute hit with these ProTings Spicy Chili Lime chips. I’m really not sure how they’re able to provide such density while somehow making them contain a 2:1 protein to carb ratio, but I’m not complaining any means. Color me impressed. If you like chili lime as a flavor, I’m sure you’ll really love these. I think the seasoning on these chips is their strongest yet as you can really taste the boldness of each flavor. I think I still like the zesty nacho chips just a tad more though despite the flavor being slightly toned down, but that’s just because cheesy chips are always my favorite kind of flavor. Regardless, these are an easy recommendation.

 ProTings Spicy Chili Lime

Looks the same as their other flavors, but definitely tastes different.


+15g protein per serving

+Great density/texture is like a tortilla chip

+Boldest/strongest flavors of all their chips



-Macros are a little worse than Quest chips

-Inconvenient to weigh out (but accurate)


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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