ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ Chips Review

ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ

My first experience with these protein chips came with their zesty nacho flavor, and it couldn’t have gone any better. The flavor was great, the density/texture was there, and the macros were excellent. I will say the seasoning wasn’t as intense and the macros are slightly worse in comparison to Quest’s protein chips, however the texture is SO much better as these chips actually have a legit density to them. I’m basically expecting more or less the same experience with the ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ Chips.

ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ Chips Review


ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ

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ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ

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ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ

Right off the bat, these look very similar to their zesty nacho chips so I’m expecting the same crunch and consistency. And yes… The chip-like texture was still there, along with a pretty delicious BBQ flavor. The ‘tangy’ aspect was definitely on point as I certainly get more of a sweeter BBQ taste than your typical, spicier BBQ flavor. The actual flavor and accuracy of it was great, but I’m sort of used to the abundance of seasoning on Quest chips so I would have liked these to have a tad more seasoning. It’s a small complaint though, as the combination of solid texture and awesome taste still make these an INCREDIBLE savory protein snack.

ProTings Tangy Southern BBQThe ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ chips total out to 120 calories per serving consisting of the macros 15p/7c/4f in addition to 3g fiber. These are the same macros/caloric content as their zesty nacho flavor so that gets not complaints from me, it’s always convenient to be able to freely switch between flavors without having to worry if the macros will change or not. What’s not convenient though… Is that the servings are measured by the ounce which means you have to actually weight out each serving with your scale. Even though this is definitely a hassle, I guess it does allow you to be as precise as possible which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

The ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ chips basically confirmed the fact that it wasn’t just their zesty nacho flavor that was good, but their whole line appears to be. The texture is once again excellent; the chips have a legitimate tortilla chip-like consistency to them. The tanginess part of the BBQ flavor is really captured as well as I felt the overall flavor was fairly accurate. If we’re comparing flavors though, I still think I liked the zesty nacho chips a bit more if I’m being honest. I usually prefer cheesy based chips over BBQ chips in general though so take that fact in mind. Regardless, these are a definite recommendation.

ProTings Tangy Southern BBQ

I felt like including two of them just because.


+15g protein per serving

+Great density/texture is like a tortilla chip

+Tanginess to the BBQ is accurate



-Macros are a little worse than Quest chips

-Inconvenient to weigh out (but accurate)


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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