ProTings Zesty Nacho Chips Review

ProTings Zesty Nacho

If you’ve been in the flexible dieting game for awhile, it’s no surprise that there are a LOT of protein bars and sweet based protein snacks in general, however there are FAR fewer savory protein snacks in comparison. I’m sure there are more, but the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Quest protein chips and Enlightened crisps. The Quest chips have amazing macros to say the least, but the chips really lack density and texture. The Enlightened crisps do have great texture, but the macros aren’t as good as they could be. With that being said I was ecstatic when I discovered the ProTings Zesty Nacho protein chips, as the macros looked excellent and the flavor sounded even better. Since the macros were so good, I was really hoping these would find a way to have both great texture and great taste still.

ProTings Zesty Nacho Chips Review


ProTings Zesty Nacho

Macronutrient Profile

ProTings Zesty Nacho

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ProTings Zesty Nacho

My prayers have been answered… These were everything I was hoping they would be. The texture… The seasoning… The flavor… It’s all there. One cohesive package of wondrous macro magic. These do have legit density to them and taste like an actual chip when you bite into one, crunch and everything. The nacho seasoning isn’t overly cheesy, but it definitely has a nice kick to it, hence the ‘zesty’ part. It’s not overly spicy by any means, but it was a little spicier than I imagined them to be.

ProTings Zesty NachoThe ProTings Zesty Nacho chips total out to 120 calories per serving consisting of the macros 15p/7c/4f in addition to 3g fiber. These are fairly comparable to Quest protein chips, however just a tad worse in every aspect. However, the texture and overall taste is MUCH better so I think the slightly inferior macros are justified. The serving sizes are measured by weight as well, so it is pretty inconvenient to bust out the scale to weigh each serving. At the same time though, that does allow you to be as accurate and precise as possible.

Okay this is a pretty bold statement… But I think the king of the savory protein game has been found. These ProTing Zesty Nacho chips were absolutely ON POINT. Like ridiculously good for how awesome the macros are. They taste like an actual chip from the texture down to the taste, all the while containing primarily protein. Pretty damn incredible. I even got my brother to try one and his reaction was “Oh yeah I would just eat these regardless on taste alone.” Boom. There you have it. If you’ve been craving some tortilla chips but can’t fit in the real deal due to being on some poverty macros, then look no further. I HIGHLY recommend these, 100%.

ProTings Zesty Nacho

Lo and behold the greatness.


+Incredible macros all around

+GREAT texture/flavor, tastes pretty similar to a real chip

+Best tasting protein chips out there



-Macros are a little worse compared to Quest chips

-Inconvenient to weigh out (but accurate)


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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