Quest BBQ Chips Review

Quest BBQ Chips

It’s no surprise that Quest absolutely kills it with their protein bars. In fact, I believe their cookie dough flavor is the #1 selling item in the food section of Amazon… That’s pretty damn impressive. The popularity is well deserved though as their bars are delicious and packed full of nutrients with great macros. Now with all of that in mind, the Quest BBQ Chips have some VERY high expectations to live up to, so let’s see if it can step up to the plate.

Quest BBQ Chips Review


Quest BBQ Chips

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Quest BBQ Chips

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Quest BBQ Chips

On first touch, the chips seem very hollow and crispy; not much density to them at all. With how low in calories they are, this didn’t come as too surprising. Now, upon first taste… Not bad, actually. For how ridiculous the macros are on these things (in a good way), I lowered expectations on flavor a bit. It wasn’t really needed though, as the BBQ seasoning is very good and really nailed well. However the texture of the chip itself is… Lacking, I guess you could say. Just like it looks, it’s a very hollow and airy taste. If you had one chip by itself, you would barely even have anything to crunch or chew on. Thankfully, each bag comes with an abundant of chips for a low amount of calories so you’re able to crunch on multiple at a time if you wish. I’ve come to somewhat enjoy the texture of the chip, but just be aware going in that it tastes NOTHING like an actual potato chip in terms of crunch and texture. If you can get past that, the BBQ seasoning is actually pretty spot on.

The Quest BBQ chips total out to 120 calories consisting of the macros 21p/5c/2f with 0g fiber. I really don’t know how they pulled this feat off, because these overall calories are CRAZY for how many chips you actually get, not to mention that it’s primarily protein with barely any carbs or fat. The macros are straight up bonkers. The lack of crunchy texture can easily be forgiven with macros such as this.

I gotta say, I was super impressed with the Quest BBQ chips. Not 100% from a taste perspective, but just with all factors considered. I will say the texture is definitely lacking a crunch and density, but with how low the calories and how it’s so high in protein yet low in everything else, the fact is definitely overlooked in my opinion. I’ll gladly take these amazing macros and low calories in trade of for a lack of crunch. Texture aside, the BBQ seasoning is still great so it has that going for it regardless. There’s not very many good savory protein snacks out there in comparison to sweet, especially ones with macros as good as of this. All things considered, this is an easy recommendation.

Quest BBQ Chips

That BBQ seasoning is on point.


+120 calories, 21g protein for a whole bag of chips

+Whey protein isolate

+2g fat, 5g carbs

+BBQ seasoning is tasty and accurate



-Very hollow, lacks texture/density


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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