Quest Salt & Vinegar Chips Review

Quest Salt & Vinegar

The Quest Salt & Vinegar chips are the very last flavor me to try out in their five flavors of protein chips. Unfortunately, I saved perhaps my least anticipated flavor for last. I group Quest chips into two categories; the ‘good’ flavors (cheddar and sour cream, sour cream and onion, BBQ) and the ‘boring’ flavors (sea salt, salt and vinegar). As you can see, I consider this a boring flavor so yeah… Not too hyped going into this one, taste wise at least.

Quest Salt & Vinegar Chips Review


Quest Salt & Vinegar

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Quest Salt & Vinegar

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Quest Salt & Vinegar

The packaging on this flavor is deceiving first of all. I guess it’s just the similar color scheme or something, but I actually confused the Quest Salt & Vinegar chips with their cheddar and sour cream flavor and picked this one up by accident instead. I needed to review it anyway, so I wasn’t too upset. Upon first bite though… Those feelings may have slightly changed. Okay, ‘upset’ isn’t the right word, but I wasn’t really satisfied either. Like all the other Quest chips, the texture is majorly lacking as they are super hollow and airy, and really not much substance to them at all. With the super low amount of calories they contain though this really shouldn’t come across as too shocking. They definitely have a crunch to them, but it’s a thin crunch and not a very dense one if that make sense. What makes Quest chips so good (besides the macros obviously) is their seasoning, and they really fell flat with the seasoning on this one. I understand that they needed some more basic/plain flavors for those boring people that would actually choose those over superior flavors such as cheddar and sour cream or BBQ, but I guess they do exist. However, even though a plain potato chip or a plain Pringles chip could be someone’s favorite flavor with those specific products, those at least have the proper texture and crunch to make them enjoyable. With these Quest chips, the texture is so bad compared to a normal chip that I don’t think a basic potato chip flavor can make up for its lack of density; it REALLY needs some extra spice (pun intended) in order for it stand out. I find it really hard to believe that someone could prefer this flavor or their sea salt over their other flavors.

The Quest Salt & Vinegar chips total out to 120 calories for the whole bag consisting of the macros 21p/5c/2f with no fiber. Okay normally I prefer some fiber in my protein products, but this is an exception. First of all there are only 5g carbs in the first place which leaves little room for fiber anyway, and…. Wait what? Only 5g carbs for a whole bag of chips, but 21g protein? Is this real life? I assure you it is, this is no dream state even though Quest may have fulfilled your wildest dreams with these chips packed full of protein. However, these are the same exact macros as Quest’s other flavors, and considering I like most of those 100x more… Yeah. Definitely going to go with those instead in the future.

Well on the positive side, these chips are incredibly low in calories and packed with whey protein; certainly a lot healthier than eating a regular potato or tortilla chip. However, they’re no different in macros compared to their other flavors, which taste a LOT better in comparison. I can’t really recommend these when Quest has more flavorful chips to offer for the same amount of calories.

Quest Salt & Vinegar

Yeah… Not much to look at.


+120 calories for a whole bag of chips

+21g protein, awesome macros all around

+Whey protein isolate



-Very hollow texture, lacks density

-Seasoning is super bland, not flavorful at all


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C-



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