Quest Sea Salt Chips Review

Quest Sea Salt

And so, this marks the first of the two ‘boring’ flavors for me to try with Quest’s protein chips. Their cheddar and sour cream/sour cream and onion/BBQ flavors were pretty awesome due to seasoning alone, but I’ve been putting off the Quest sea salt and salt & vinegar flavors for a reason. The reason being just that; these chips are only good in the first place due to their seasoning as the texture is very hollow and lacking. Being that sea salt is equivalent to a plain flavor for the most part… I’m not expecting too much with these.

Quest Sea Salt Chips Review


Quest Sea Salt

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Quest Sea Salt

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Quest Sea Salt

Yeah… Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up. This tasted exactly how I thought it would… Bland. If I’m being completely honest, these weren’t very good. The texture is still just as hollow as ever, and there is no intense seasoning or flavor to offset that flaw this time. The sea salt flavor can barely even be tasted as well, it’s really not as salty as it could have been. Definitely a letdown compared to their other flavors.

The Quest Sea Salt flavor totals out to 120 calories for the whole bag consisting of the macros 21p/5c/2f with no fiber. Okay, good thing and bad thing here. The good thing is that the macros for a bag of chips is RIDICULOUS; the amount of protein compared to carbs is straight bonkers for something that’s usually the exact opposite. The bad thing though is that these are the same macros/calories as their other flavors… Which are 1000x better and gives me no reason to ever buy this flavor again.

Great macros and caloric content, extremely-sub par taste and texture. Obviously the high quality nutrition can’t be denied, but the flavor definitely can. Considering Quest offers more flavorful protein chips for the same exact macros/calories, there’s really no reason to ever buy this flavor over those other ones. Unless you’re one of the three people in the entire world that somehow hate all forms of cheddar/sour cream and onion/BBQ flavoring (in which case you’re crazy).

Quest Sea Salt

Not much going on here.


+120 calories for a whole bag of chips

+21g protein, insane macros in general

+Whey protein isolate



-Texture is very hollow and lacks density

-Seasoning is super bland, not flavorful at all


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C-



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