RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies Review

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

I’ve had a lot of protein bars over the years… I’ve had the occasional protein cookie, protein muffin, protein brownie, etc… However, I’ve never had protein fruit snacks before, or the RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies to be precise. These instantly caught my eye though as I’ve never seen protein in this type of form before, so I was really curious to see how they actually tasted.

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies Review


RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

Macronutrient Profile

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

Ingredient List

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

Well, my first impression is that the color seemed a little bit ‘off’; it was a little browner in appearance than I thought it would be so it honestly didn’t look too appetizing. Upon first bite though, my thoughts became… Somewhat better? It didn’t taste incredible and couldn’t compare to a normal fruit snack, but for a version that contains a 2:1 carb/protein ratio, it wasn’t too bad really. They’re not super chewy or really soft as they’re a little firmer in texture, but they’re definitely not hard or a hassle to chew through either. The actual flavor is… Okay. I taste the mixed berry flavor to a degree, but it’s not near as sweet as I would have liked it to be.

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

Size Comparison

The RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies total out to 180 calories for the whole package consisting of the macros 20p/35c/0f with no fiber. If you’re on a low fat diet, then these are pretty damn solid needless to say, besides the lack of fiber of course. The carbs are quite high though so I guess it really just depends on your specific situation or ratio. I want to note as well that they really don’t skimp out on the amount of gummies either, they give you quite the abundance of them so all in all it’s a fairly satisfying and filling product in regards to caloric content.

Hmm… Somewhat mixed feelings about the RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies. These definitely get some bonus points for being perhaps the only high protein snack out there that contains literally 0g fat, and for maybe being the only protein gummies out there in the first place. However, originality points aside, I think they still need to go back to the drawing board for awhile as the execution fell a bit short. The texture and flavor weren’t that bad individually, but neither of those aspects excelled and were able to carry the other one. If they could either make the gummies a bit sweeter, softer, or combination of both, then these could have been a lot better. I recommend these based on macros and uniqueness alone just because there’s no other products out there with 0g fat or protein fruit snacks in general, but just don’t go into these expecting to taste something similar to classic Scooby Doo fruit snacks or anything similar, at all.

RAP Mixed Berry Protein Gummies

Not a very pleasant looking color.


+0g fat

+Whey protein isolate

+Only protein gummies out there as far as I know



-Could be softer and more flavorful, overall fell short on execution

-No fiber


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: C



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