RAP Orange Protein Gummies Review

RAP Orange Protein Gummies

I haven’t been too impressed with these products so far. I think the idea is awesome in theory; protein in the form of fruit snacks/gummies would be a very welcome addition in the flexible dieting world… If they could be pulled off well, that is. Unfortunately, their other flavors have fell short in execution. I’m not really expecting much difference with the RAP Orange Protein Gummies with that in mind, but there’s only one way to find out.

RAP Orange Protein Gummies Review


RAP Orange Protein Gummies

Macronutrient Profile

RAP Orange Protein Gummies

Ingredient List








RAP Orange Protein Gummies


With a product like this that ultimately lacks texture and sweetness than anything, I was right to imagine that they would taste very similarly to their other flavors. I mean obviously these taste like orange compared to the others, but it still has that same ‘dullness’ that the other flavors have and it’s not near as sweet as I would like it to be. It’s basically like a toned down, unsweetened orange fruit snack, with a somewhat firm and not the most chewable texture… Yeah, really not the best attempt I’d say.

RAP Orange Protein Gummies

Size Comparison

The RAP Orange Protein Gummies total out to 180 calories consisting of the macros 20p/35c/0f with no fiber. Not really a shocker considering the similarities, but these have the same calories/macros as their other flavors as well. I always appreciate that for consistency and convenient’s sake. The complete absence of fat is a very rare sight to see on protein products so that aspect is absolutely awesome. Such a shame the texture and overall taste couldn’t have been pulled off better, though.

Same exact thing as their other flavors. The RAP Orange Protein Gummies have great macros and are an original idea in a scene dominated by protein bars, but they just need to actually execute them better. I would say these were a little weaker than the strawberry gummies, and about on par with the mixed berry. These aren’t dreadful and I would maybe eat them occasionally for a lazy and fruit way to get some extra protein in, but overall they have MUCH room for improvement in the future.

RAP Orange Protein Gummies



+0g fat

+Whey protein isolate

+Only protein gummies out there as far as I know



-Could be softer and more flavorful, overall fell short on execution

-No fiber


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: C


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