RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies Review

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

These products instantly caught my eye due to being the only protein fruit snacks I’ve ever seen out there, and for containing absolutely NO fat. My first experience came with their mixed berry flavor, which in all honesty was pretty disappointing though. Great idea in theory, the flavor just wasn’t pulled off as well as it could have been, in both sweetness and accuracy. I was hoping the RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies would maybe turn out a LITTLE bit better in regards to flavor, because with how good these macros are I really want to find a legit reason to buy these from time to time.

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies Review


RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

Macronutrient Profile

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

Ingredient List

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

Okay first thing to note, this flavors sports a FAR more appealing appearance in regards to its color in comparison to the mixed berry flavor. The red/pink color is lush and vibrant compared to the dull brown/dark purple of the mixed berry; already off to a better start. That has nothing to do with the actual taste though, which is still… Okay. I think it’s better than their mixed berry flavor for sure, but not by too much really and still not as sweet/soft as I would like them to be. A definite step in the right direction with flavor though.

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

Size Comparison

The RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies total out to 180 calories consisting of the macros 20p/35c/0f with no fiber. For a high carb/low fat dieter, these macros are pretty near ideal. No fat at all is definitely a welcome, and very rare sight to see. These are the same exact macros as all of their flavors as well.

Well, the RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies were definitely an improvement over their mixed berry flavor… But I guess that’s not really saying too much considering those were average at best. There were MAYBE slightly above average, but I’m thinking I only think that due to the novelty of these being the only protein gummies out there on the market. They could certainly be sweeter in flavor, not to mention softer in texture. If you’re in the mood for some fruit snacks but don’t just want straight carbs, I would choose these over their other flavors for sure, but I still think these have the potential to be pulled off far better.

RAP Strawberry Protein Gummies

There it is.


+0g fat

+Whey protein isolate

+Only protein gummies out there as far as I know



-Could be softer and more flavorful, overall fell short on execution

-No fiber


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: C+



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