Tru-Nut Cinnamon Powdered Peanut Butter Review

Tru-Nut Cinnamon

It’s no surprise that there’s a of powdered peanut butter products out there nowadays; a lot of companies saw the success of PB2 and jumped on the bandwagon. Most of them taste extremely similar with no real difference in macros, the only deciding factors in choosing really just coming down to price and to how easy to come across they are. However, they usually just come in the original flavor and chocolate flavor. I’ve never seen a cinnamon flavor… Until I came across the Tru-Nut Cinnamon powdered peanut butter, that is. I was very curious to try it out needless to say.

Tru-Nut Cinnamon Powdered Peanut Butter Review


 Tru-Nut Cinnamon

Okay… This may be the only cinnamon flavored powdered peanut butter product out there for a reason. It just didn’t work, unfortunately. The cinnamon flavor was far too overpowering and took complete dominance over any type of peanut buttery flavor. A little cinnamon would have been fine, or maybe a little more sweetness to balance it out, but it was just too much in my opinion. I even tried mixing this with original powdered PB and chocolate powdered PB, EVERYTIME the cinnamon flavor took over too much and washed out the peanut butter/chocolate flavorings, no matter how little of the cinnamon powdered PB I use. Honestly… A huge disappointment all around.

 Tru-Nut Cinnamon

Macronutrient Profile

The Tru-Nut Cinnamon flavor totals out to 45 calories per 2 TBSP consisting of the macros 5p/5c/1.5f in addition to 2.5g. Flavor aside, the macros are pretty amazing like all other powdered peanut butter products. I think this flavor even contains more fiber than the average one as well. It’s a shame the actual flavor was a complete miss though.

 Tru-Nut CinnamonMissed potential on what could have been something amazing. I felt that the Tru-Nut Cinnamon flavor had the opportunity to be truly great, it just fell short in execution. This really could have stood for more sweetness or for the cinnamon flavor to toned down a tad. I would have gladly taken an extra 1-2g carbs or 5-10 calories per serving if it meant more of a resemblance to a cinnamon sugar flavor rather than just pure cinnamon (hint for the future). In its current state though, I can’t recommend this at all when the chocolate and original flavors of all powdered peanut butter products are just SO much better.

 Tru-Nut Cinnamon

Worst flavor of powdered PB, by far.


+1/4 the calories of real peanut butter

+5g protein, 2.5g fiber per serving



-Cinnamon flavor is FAR too strong, worst flavor

-Can’t compare to real peanut butter


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C-



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