BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker Review

I’m hoping that my experience with the BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker protein bar goes a little better than my experience with their s’mores flavor. While I didn’t dislike it by any means, I just felt that it was like an inferior version of a Quest bar down from texture to taste to macros. It was good, but I saw no real reason to purchase it again when better s’mores bars exist. Cinnamon graham cracker is a more unique flavor though, and I don’t think there’s another protein bar out there with the same flavor in fact.

BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker Review


BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Macronutrient Profile

BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Ingredient List

BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker

BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Size Comparison

Once again… Very plain appearance. It looks just like a Quest bar with no obvious mix-ins sticking out which is a little disheartening. Unfortunately, it almost tasted as plain as it looked. I think my taste buds are a bit spoiled now though since I’ve been able to eat a lot of good foods recently considering my contest season is over for this year. This probably would have tasted better a couple months ago, but even still, I had a One birthday cake bar recently and that tasted as good as ever. This just simply isn’t anything amazing. The texture is like a firmer Quest bar, and the flavor tasted extremely similar to BPI’s s’mores bar if I’m being honest; it’s like a mixture of cinnamon/graham-like flavors. I really couldn’t even tell the difference between the two. There are some graham crackers as mix-ins which do add a nice crunch here and there, but they aren’t as flavorful as they could be.

BPI Cinnamon Graham CrackerThe BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker bar totals out to 210 calories consisting of the macros 20p/26c/6f in addition to 17g fiber. This is a really solid nutritional profile, and much better than their s’mores flavor despite the very similar taste. Just to compare, this one has 3g less fat, 2g more fiber and 30 less calories.

I did think that the BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker bar was the better experience in comparison to the s’mores flavor especially in regards to what you get for the macros, but at the same time it still didn’t do anything to ‘WOW’ me or make me a huge fan. The cinnamon flavor wasn’t bad and the graham crackers were okay as mix-ins, but I felt that it could have been a touch sweeter and softer overall. It’s hard to recommend this over a Quest bar since they are the closest comparisons as far as texture goes, but I guess Quest doesn’t have this exact flavor so maybe give it a shot to try for yourself.

BPI Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Eh, pretty basic looking.


+17g fiber

+Only 6g fat

+Whey protein



-Tastes like a slightly worse version of a Quest bar


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+


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