BPI S’mores Review

BPI S'mores review

I figured it was only a matter of time before BPI decided to throw their hat in the ring of protein bars. They’re a pretty popular supplement company, so with other supplement companies coming out with their protein bars it’s no surprise that they followed suit. How will they stack up though? Now that’s the real surprise. All of their flavors sounded pretty good, but I decided on s’mores to be the first to try.

BPI S’mores Review


BPI S'mores review

Macronutrient Profile

BPI S'mores review

Ingredient List

BPI S'mores review

My first impression was that it felt and looked like a flatter, wider and firmer version of a Quest bar. It wasn’t really winning any originality points in appearance, so I was hoping the flavor would help offset that. After biting into it… It did. Sort of. The flavor wasn’t anything breathtaking but it wasn’t bad either. The base flavor of the bar tasted pretty similar to the Quest version of s’mores; it’s sort of a cinnamon-like flavor with a hint of graham cracker-like taste in there. I wasn’t really getting where the marshmallow was supposed to come into play though. Speaking of graham crackers, they weren’t exactly the most flavorful components in the world so it was hard to tell but I believe the mix-ins on the bar are crunchy graham crackers. What they lacked in flavor they made up for in crunch, however with this bar already being on the firmer side in the first place, it didn’t really need a crunchy mix-in. I much preferred the chunks on the Quest s’mores bar as far as mix-ins go.

BPI S'mores reviewThe BPI S’mores bar totals out to 240 calories consisting of the macros 20p/28c/9f in addition to 15g fiber. The calories are a little bit higher on this protein bar compared to most of its competition which is a minor flaw, but it did feel just a tad bigger than most others as well so this wasn’t too surprising to see. However, this is a full 60 calories more compared to the Quest S’mores flavor, which I found to be the tastier bar.

To be honest, I kind of had higher hopes going into this BPI S’mores review. I love s’mores as a flavor in general, and I’m a pretty big fan of the Quest’s S’mores bar. Unfortunately, this just didn’t live up to expectations. While it wasn’t bad on its own right and was still fairly enjoyable to a degree, it was just all around inferior compared to Quest. It wasn’t as flavorful, the mix-ins were weaker, it was tougher to chew and the calories are higher. The only reason why I’m comparing it to Quest so much is because they’re one of the few companies out there with a s’mores flavor and the texture of the bar is near identical. If you ever have the option of choosing this or Quest’s version, I don’t think I can ever recommend this one. If you’re comparing it to all other protein bars out there though and the Quest s’mores flavor isn’t an option at the immediate time, then maybe give it a shot.

BPI S'mores review

Not as s’mores-tasting as I would have liked.


+15g fiber

+Whey protein



-Very similar to the Quest flavor but all around not as good

-240 calories is getting up there


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+


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