Halo Top Mint Chip Review

Halo Top Mint Chip

The Halo Top Mint Chip is one of the last two flavors for me to try… Until now. The other being their birthday cake flavor, which I’m way more excited about to be honest. If you’ve read a lot of my other reviews, you might remember the fact that I’m not a huge fan of mint flavored products. I’ve really enjoyed every Halo Top flavor so far but with that in mind, I have some slight skepticism going into this one. We’ll see how it pans out.

Halo Top Mint Chip Review


Halo Top Mint Chip

Macronutrient Profile

Halo Top Mint Chip

Ingredient List

Halo Top Mint Chip

Well, this certainly was minty all right. It’s basically just pure mint ice cream, as the chocolate chips are so small and scarce that they add absolutely nothing to the pint. The same texture/consistency is the same as the other Halo Top flavors, which is clearly a good thing. However the flavor was just far too minty for my tastes with no other real components coming in to tone down the mint-ness or balance it out. If you’re an absolute fiend for mint ice cream, you’ll probably like it a lot though.

The Halo Top Mint Chip flavor totals out to 240 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 24p/56c/8f in addition to 20g fiber. This is one of the lower calorie pints from Halo Top, so that’s definitely a welcome sight to see. Regardless, it still has the same macros as their chocolate/vanilla bean/lemon cake flavors, which I enjoyed quite a bit more.

If you’re a big mint ice cream lover, the Halo Top Mint Chip might be the flavor for you. If you’re kind of ‘whatever’ on mint though and aren’t too crazy about it, then I highly doubt that you’ll like this flavor over basically any of their other pints. This was by far my least favorite offering from Halo Top. It certainly wasn’t bad, far from it as I did still enjoy it to a degree, however I would just never choose it over any of their other flavors.

Halo Top Mint Chip

You can kind of see a chocolate chip.


+240 calories for the whole pint

+24g protein, 20g fiber for the whole pint



-Little too minty for my tastes, needed more mix-ins to balance out

-My least favorite Halo Top flavor


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B


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