ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review

ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review

Seeing as how I’ve tried all of their other three flavors, it’s no surprise that I would review the ProTings Sea Salt flavor as well. For being the most basic flavor they have to offer though, I guess it is a little odd that I saved it for last instead of trying it first. I’m aware that these may taste a little ‘plain’ in comparison, but I still expect the texture to be on point.

ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review


ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review

Macronutrient Profile

ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review

Ingredient List

ProTings Sea Salt Chips Review

I was pretty much right on the dot with how they would taste. These have the same dense, crunchy texture as all their other chips, they just don’t pack the same punch of flavor. The flavor certainly isn’t bad, it’s just very basic and plain compared to their other, more complex flavors. There isn’t as much sea salt as I would have liked there to be so overall it’s kind of a ‘boring’ chip, but the texture helps make up for that. That’s the biggest edge these have on Quest chips in fact, as these are WAY better than the sea salt flavor that Quest has to offer. Quest chips are only tasty in the first place due to their seasoning alone, so with basically no seasoning on their sea salt chips, you have plain, textureless chips… Which is not good. These chips at least have some substance to them so while the flavor isn’t anything crazy, you can at least find some enjoyability in the crunch.

ProTings Sea Salt ChipsThe ProTings Sea Salt chips total out to 120 calories per serving consisting of the macros 15p/7c/4f in addition to 3g fiber. A serving size is an oz., so it is a bit annoying to have to bust out the scale if you actually want to measure each serving, but at the same time it does force you to be accurate with your macros. Speaking of, these have the same macros as their other flavors as well, which are a lot more flavorful… So yeah, not much reason to ever get these unless you’re just a boring person in general.

The ProTings Sea Salt chips basically met all of my expectations, but they didn’t do anything to really WOW me or make me want to choose them over the other, more detailed flavors that ProTings have to offer (tangy southern BBQ, zesty nacho, spicy chili lime). I guess if you absolutely hate all those other flavors then these might be your best bet at enjoyment, but if you’re like the other 99% people in the world, I imagine you’ll like one of their other flavors a bit more.

ProTings Sea Salt Chips

There it is.


+15g protein per serving

+Great density/texture like a tortilla chip



-Macros are a little worse than Quest chips

-Inconvenient to weigh out servings (but accurate)

-Most boring flavor out of all ProTings


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B



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