Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond Review

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried one of these Lifts bars. I enjoyed their salted caramel and cookie dough flavors though so I’m expecting this one to be pretty good as well. Only one way to find out for sure, so let’s waste no more time and begin this Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond review.

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond Review


Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

Macronutrient Profile

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

Ingredient List

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

Like their other flavors, this bar sports a pretty decorated appearance with a bunch of mix-ins in plain sight. It’s got the same slight crispiness to it as well; it’s certainly not like a Quest bar in texture. The brownie flavor is accurate and on point. Some brownie flavored protein bars just taste like chocolate and not necessarily a brownie, but this one actually has a brownie taste to it. The almonds actually don’t add a whole lot of impact to this bar, which is fine by me because I’m not crazy about almonds. I could taste them a little bit, but based on the appearance of the bar I was expecting them to have much more of a role.

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

Size Comparison

The Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond bar totals out to 21p/25c/4.5f in addition to 16g fiber. Okay, the fact that this bar contains as many almonds as it does yet only has 4.5g fat is pretty mind blowing, but I’m definitely okay with it. Overall, the macros on this bar are outstanding.

Lift Chocolate Brownie AlmondWhile I wasn’t absolutely blown away, I did enjoy this bar substantially. It’s pretty unique in nature with it’s slightly crispy texture, not a lot of other protein bars have the same consistency. I’d put this flavor right up there with the salted caramel and the cookie dough; they’re all fairly equal and it’s just going to come down to whatever flavor your prefer in general.

Lift Chocolate Brownie Almond

Has a nice crisp to it.


+The slightly crispy texture is nice

+Whey protein isolate

+16g fiber

+Only 4.5g fat



-Almonds could have had more of an impact


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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